♪~*Yami ni chiru Sakura*~♪


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♪~*Yami ni chiru Sakura*~♪

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Name: Jo

Real Name: Hauptmann, Denise

Nicknames: Jo, JoChan, Tigerchen, Nee-chan, Super-Nee-chan, (Uru) Flittchen (XD), D-chan...

Birthdate: 23/08/1986

Birthplace: Solingen

Bloodtype: A Rhesus positiv

Height: 173 - 175 cm

Weight: ^^'' Tehehehe... Silence~

Eyecolor: Amber

Haircolor: Blue-black and a little bit red ^^

Family: Mother, Father, an older sister, and my brother-in-law and Gerrit my little nephew ^-^

Piercings: One on the right, one in the left ear. But i want a Lip-Piercing on the left side *o*

Ringsize: I don´t know >-<''

Parfume: I´m using Deo ^^'' No money for Parfume <<''

Colors: Black, red, violet, pale-green, white, blue, crimson-red *o*

Animals: Dog, Cat and Rats ^-^

Hobbys: Writing, drawing, reading, smoking (XD), go out with my friends to have some fun and many, many more!

Favourite drink: Cola, Mezo-Mix, Apple-Water, O2Active Apple&Kiwi *o*, Coffee and Cappucino Caramel, Black tea, Ice Coffee *sabber*

Favourite food: Pasta *o*~ Sushi, fish *o* Nyummi~... And more XD''

Favourite musicans: Aline Nine, the GazettE, Girugamesh, Antikku, Vidoll, Ayabie...

Favourite typ: The person who will love me *sigh*

Dislikes typ: Stupid and to arrogant!

In Love?: Mh... Don´t ask me!


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